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Behavioral Health Counseling

Dr. Matthews delivers a variety of counseling services that are offered within a holistic, culturally-sensitive approach. As a psychologist who understands and appreciates the inter-relationship between the mind and body, he strives to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles at home, work, and in their relationships. Through collaborative partnerships with his clients, people can learn how to create a more fulfilling life that enriches their experience of the world.

Dr. Matthews’ areas of specialty include performance and sport psychology, relationship concerns, mood and anxiety disorders, GLB issues, and career counseling.

Consultation Meeting with Organization StaffConsultation

The consultation services offered by Dr. Kip Matthews are based on his philosophy of looking at the whole system — to find workable solutions that are in the best interest of individuals and groups within organizations. Through skillful connections with clients, he assists various organizations, businesses, and institutions to help evaluate current concerns, to devise comprehensive strategic planning, and to custom design an implementation/evaluation plan that best meets the needs of the organization.

Examples of consulting projects may include organization development, executive coaching, team building, and diversity promotion and enhancement.

Public Education

Dr. Matthews has long been a proponent of public education as means of empowerment. He believes that with knowledge, people can come to make more informed healthcare decisions about their mental and physical health. As such, Dr. Matthews regularly offers programming to the community on a variety of different topics ranging from anxiety and stress management to creating healthy relationships.

He is an active member of the Georgia Psychological Association’s Public Education Committee and has been a part of the American Psychological Association’s Mind-Body Health public education campaign.

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